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Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing

A hand dug trench-two foot in width-will be excavated to footing. Voltex Foundation cracks chipped out and recemented with waterproof cement. Foundation coal tar troweled onto waterproof areas before panels. VOLTEX will be fastened to foundation from footing to soil grade VOLTEX fastened with one inch masonry nails. Masonry wall: (Block) All masonry walls will have a 1/2 inch pange coat of cement troweled from footing to soil grade.

Features & Benefits of VOLTEX

  • Durability: withstands inclement weather and resists construction-related damage.
  • Superior Adhesion: mechanical bond tenaciously secures product and prevents water migration.
  • Long Service Life: provides waterproofing protection for the life of the structure.
  • Environmentally Safe: NSF Standard 61 certified for use with potable water.
  • Easy to Install: quick and easy installation without adhesives or special equipment.
  • Self-Sealing: active, swelling properties of sodium bentonite seal small cracks.
  • Uniformity: minimum 1.1 lbs. of sodium bentonite per square foot.
  • Integrated System: complete accessories including bentonite water-stop.