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Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing by proven experts! That is what Biordi Waterproofing of Long island NY offers with its vast experience in renovation and remediation in Long Island’s flood prone areas. waterproofing

No matter where you live and what style your house is, Biordi Waterproofing has a solution.

Water in your basement can come from many different sources such as cracks in the foundation walls, groundwater pressure, poor drainage or leaking window wells. Our job is to pinpoint the problem and use any of our dry basement strategies to your home livable and comfortable.

Here’s what one of our clients says about their experience with a flooded basement…

When we moved into our house, we finished the basement with sheet-rock and floor tiling. 2 years and 2 storms later we had cut out the tiles and sheet-rock. The low level of the basement and our flood zone location led us to put in a sump pump on the recommendation of another company.

Another year and lots of water later, Biordi Waterproofing came in and gave us the solution that was required all along. A french drain and a second sump pump.

We were prepared to move out of our flooded basement office for a month but Biordi Waterproofing came in and did the work in a day! It was really impressive, and we were able to get back into our waterproof basement in a week. A year later we are bone dry and happy, recommending Biordi Waterproofing to everyone in the area.